Dude, that's rude!

 Did I mention that both of these kids are rough and tumble boys?  Well that doesn't even start to describe the masculine energy that overtakes our household every day.
 As long as we are digging in mulch and gathering bugs outside, all is well. We enjoyed petting the animals during our trip to Old Baker Farm but everyone in the family suffered from a virus that began at the end of the weekend and lasted a week. This stomach flu thing may end up being an annual visitor for us since we have been hit once or twice a year since J began school at age 2.
Both boys still suffer from food allergies and Jackson recently experienced an anaphylactic reaction to a pistachio which resulted in an epipen and ER visit. He is evidently allergic to all nuts which is contradictory to allergy test results. 

Hank is a precious stinker who thinks he can tell me "no" to everything and scream "don't look at me!"  He is a lovey baby though and makes up for it with choke hold hugs. 

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