Too Stinkin Cute

Here are some pics taken right before Christmas.  I know.  A moment of silence for the cuteness.  It should be illegal.  Trust me though, it really is a good thing that they are this cute.  Otherwise they might be in for some trouble. 


More Cuteness

 We had some pics taken of the boys very early in December.  When I get the disk from the photographer I will post more.  They are adorable and I have promised myself I will do this every few months because they grow up so quick.  Jackson is starting to realize that Hank is going to be a fun playmate.  He wants to rough house with him a little, which tends to go over surprising well with Hank.  Hank will defend himself if his brother gets too rough by pulling his hair! Hard!!.  Jackson knows how to get Hank to laugh and it is just precious to watch them laugh together. 

Santa and His Helpers

Jackson and Hank went to visit Santa Claus a few weeks before Christmas at Favorite Laundry down the stree.  Jackson was immediately skeptical of the whole situation and was not easily bribed with candy.  Hank loved Santa and tried to grab his beard!! Jackson was not humored by Santa sneaking up behind him and the promises of lovely toys on Christmas day wouldn't crack a smile on his face at all.  Thank goodness Mia was able to get some super cute pics which went on our Christmas cards this year.  I think she broke a sweat and almost passed out trying to get them to laugh, but it was all worth it.  Jackson could sing several Christmas songs and loved reading books like Llamma Llamma Christmas Drama and Twas the Night Before Christmas.  I was truly impressed with how many words to the songs he knew and how much he was able to understand about Christmas in general.  We watched The Elf on the Shelf a million times and Jackson got his own elf from Mia which he named Chippy from the movie.  I cannot find Chippy to this day and have no idea what Jackson has done with him.  I hope Santa understands.  We also went to the Galleria to let the babies see all the Christmas decor and ride the carousel. 

Holidays a Gone Gone

Well the holidays came and went and took me with them.  Just kidding.  I'm still here.  I am here, right?  Halloween was a blast.  The babies were skeletons.  I found cute glow in the dark skeleton pjs from Gymboree, so after the trick or treating festivities, we came home and went to bed in those silly outfits.  Jackson got to trick or treat 3 times.  Once at his school, then at the trunk or treat at his church/school, then in our neighborhood.  He scored tons of candy.  We even went to the little festival in our neighborhood.  Most of the activities like horseback riding and face painting are not on his age level, but the jump jumps are a big hit and he saw Sparky the fire dog.  Hank just looked around and giggled.  We got a handful of trick or treators then turned out the lights at 8:00.  It was warm outside most of the month, so we got to play outdoors nearly every day.