Easter Weekend Success

 Instead of dwelling on my many shortcomings like my disorganized house, papers and life, I decided that I would search for small accomplishments to pat myself on the back for.  #1  I figured out how to bathe both babies at the same time.  While Jackson "washes" his toys under the faucet, I quickly sponge Hank off in the bathroom sink.  No one drowns or even cries and both babies are cleaned, lotioned, diapered and dressed with only one mess to clean up.  Why didn't I think of this earlier?

 #2 I scored a once in a lifetime photo op.  J passed out in a deep sleep on
daddys chest and Hank thought it was funny so we got some pics.  All three of these boys were still and made a pleasant face for the camera.  J never woke up!

 #3  We got dressed and made it to the neighborhood easter egg hunt on time.  The women's club in our neighborhood did a benefit this year for a little boy with Duchene Muscular Distrophy and organized an awesome hunt.  The field was divided into age groups so that the babies could get eggs instead of the area being scoured by all of the older kids leaving nothing behind.  There must have been 10 million eggs and Jackson got like 50 of them.  He wanted to stop and open all of them prior to moving on.  I taught him how to hunt eggs earlier in the week by putting a gold fish in eggs and hiding them under our furniture in the living room.  He knew there was a prize in each egg and couldn't resist opening them right away.  He saw the easter bunny and also a dog---and charged straight ahead toward them without even looking to see if mommy and daddy were behind him.  Hank slept through the whole thing. 


Double Double Toil & Trouble

There is definitely a learning curve to figuring out how to take care of two babies at one time --with minimal crying.  I feel like we are playing musical babies all day.  Hank is sleeping great at night still but wants to be held most of the day. Jackson is sleeping through the night most nights of the week but is putting up quite a fight when it comes to napping.  He still desperately needs a nap during the day, so I'm having a Mexican stand off with him about it.  He is such a sweet and cute little boy though and hugs his brother often.  He says "awe baby" when he hugs and he talks to Hank.  I really need to catch it on video.  Jackson is a finiky eater now and decides he loves something one minute and hates it the next so I'm constantly in need of various types of produce and whatnots from the grocery store--I cant seem to get it together.  Im about to get really good at freezing some things for him.  Jackson is catching on to the fact that Hank is here to stay and will get a little agressive toward him in the afternoon when he is tired and wants mommy all to himself.  With years of training in child psych behind me, you would think I would know just what to do.  When it comes to your own kids, oh my, you lose the perspective you have with other people's kids.  I remember before we had children, Steven and I would see a toddler pitching a fit in public or making a mess in a resturaunt and would wonder why the parents didn't "get a grip" on the situation.  Just look at us now!


Official Newborn Pics

Words cant say enough about how happy I am with these pictures.  Sooo sweet.  Jackson was an excellent big brother!

Mommy and Jack

I'm so glad i decided to get a pic of Jackson and i before Hank was born.  No one really likes to have pictures made when they are tired and super pregnant but i made myself do it.  J is adjusting well to the baby and is usually very loving.  We are working on "being easy" around the baby.  His hugs can be a little rough.