Presents and Snow Oh My!

Jackson got lots of neat goodies for Christmas like a remote control car, books, a tractor that idles and goes, a kitty that fusses and walks, a See and Say, a ball and gear thingy, laptop, and jam box.  I don't think he ever quite figured out what was going on, but loved all of the attention he got from my parents.  Papa Van and Mama Catherine spent two nights with us, which was awesome.  They watched Jackson open his gifts from Santa.  Steven's parents were going to come on Christmas day, but the weather prevented travel. 

 Jackson was too young to remember the snow from last year, so we were thrilled that he had the chance to really enjoy it this time.  He said "snow" and took a taste of it and then headed down the driveway and up the street. 

 He has been a flight risk while playing outside lately and does not understand why he cant head up the street and down each neighbors driveway.  Steven had to chase him all over the circle, which was hilarious to watch from the door.  We went out twice in the snow, which effectively wore him out, which made for some good napping. 

Mamma Catherine gave him some neat books and read to him.  He is really into books now and will come up to you with one he wants you to read.  So cute. 


Our Family at Christmas

Look at these cute pics we had made to remember this Christmas.  I can't believe we will have a 9 month old and an almost 2.5 year old next year.  It seems so weird how babies grow up so quickly.  Jackson behaves so beautifully for Mia and Sheree.  If I had attempted these pics, he would have knawed my face off.


Jackson Poses for the Camera

 It is nearly impossible for me to get a good picture of Jackson due to his constant movement and refusal to give me a good, calm smile.  Well this is not a problem for Mia.  If she asked him to stand on his head and blow bubbles for a picture, he would probably do it.  Just look at these killer shots she got.  Truly Awesome!!  If he would do this all the time, we could make some serious money by getting him to pose for kid ads in California, don't you think?


It's Christmas Time!

It's really cold outside so we are having to find things for Jackson to do indoors to keep busy.  He's a total ham for Mia, so she gets some really good pics of him.  He is enjoying the lights and ornaments on the Christmas tree and can say "tree".  When he takes an ornament off, he will put it back on and wait for us to clap for him.  He knows its cold outside and that he has to wear his sock, shoes and coat to go out.  He can say "cold", "socks", and "shoes".  The other day, a Publix worker asked Jackson how he was doing and he said "cold".  He is walking around the house constantly flapping his arms and quacking like a duck.  He can point out the duck, cow, sheep, cat, and pig in a book and knows all of their noises.  Speaking of books, he has become a real junky.  He will go and find a book, hand it to you, and sit down in your lap.  He expects you to drop anything you are doing and read the book to him immediately--which we do. 

 The pic above is him quacking.

 He's great at climbing the stairs and likes to get on the small landing and pitch balls and blocks off of it. 
 He truly enjoys acting silly with daddy.  He will run into the dining room and wait for daddy to sneak around the corner---then he will hide from daddy and run screaming when daddy finds him---soooo cute!