Docs & Shots

Jackson had his 9 month check up a week or so ago (even though he's really 10 months) and the results were great---he's healthy and developing appropriately. The weight and height charts put him in the 37th% for weight and 69th% for height. He is saying "mamma" and "dadda"--with disrimination. He knows his name, knows who the "kitty cats" are and understands "no", although he doesn't always obey. He is crawling 100 miles per hour and pulling up on everything he can grab ahold of. He's nosy as can be and is into every single corner and nook he can squeeze his little hands and face into. He even picks up little tiny particles of stuff off the floor, so I have to really watch him closely. He has had significant trouble with constipation, so I contacted the Pediatric Effective Elimination Program in Colorado to inquire about appropriate solutions for his age---I know-much ado about poo. He takes daily Miralax in his sippy cup. The doctors sent us to a pediatric vision specialist after some concern that the light was not reflecting off of his corneas symetrically during a functional exam. He also sent us to a pediatric gastroenterolgist due to concerns about prolonged constipation. The eye doctor said that Jackson has inherited his father's poor eyesight and will probably need glasses around age 8 due to nearsightedness and astigmatism. His sight is fine for now. The gastro doc said that he is fine and that the Miralax is the appropriate solution for now. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. So I'm a complete freak about the vaccine thing for babies. Jackson has not had a Hepatitus B vaccine--you catch this disease through sex and drug needles yet they give the shot to little babies for some reason. He also hasn't had Polio (which I will give him in a year or so)--the disease has been eradicated in this country for 2 decades. Next up is MMR and Chicken Pox--neither of which appeal to me, but I know he needs MMR--mainly because of the need for protection against measles. That shot is 3 live viruses at one time--which scares me because he only weighs 20 lbs. I called Merk and they are supposed to separate the shots in 2011 so that you can give one of them at a time instead of all of them at once. I'll stop now before I have a heart attack thinking about it--many of these shots contain aluminum as a preservative--and they don't know how much aluminum can be toxic to a baby---aluminum poisoning is linked some ADHD and Autistic behaviors--never mind. He will be fine. I just need to enjoy the fact that he is taking a nap for the 2nd time today!!!!


I bought a baby pool for Jackson, and we've been swimming nearly every day. He is not a bit scared of the water and will even crawl around in it, getting his face wet. He has been getting a little too brave lately, trying to stand up and hold onto the side and even attempting to crawl out. I'm going to have get in this tiny pool with him just to keep him from trying to jump ship!

Daddy's Fam

Steven's parents came over this weekend. Jackson was hamming it up to get attention from them. It was hilarious. He is getting over his anxiety about other people holding him. He didn't cry even once when his grandmother held him. He loved it!!!!

Doggy Love

Jackson loved my parent's dog! We were scared of what he would do to her, but Jewel is very gentle and can take a beating.


At the Pool

Jackson LOVES to swim. It totally wears him out, which usually makes for a good nap.

Beach Trip

Our trip to Destin was not exactly relaxing. It's really difficult to travel with a baby. We spent hours and hours packing everything in the house and then spent hours putting everything the entire night---which is not unique really---but I could tell that Jackson sensed we were in another place. The company that I rented the crib, rocking chair, bed rail and high chair from failed to bring the most important item--the rocking chair. After holding Jackson in the chair for several hours the second night, I got up and flipped the chair upside down. I had to lay a screaming baby on a pillow on the floor and pick up all of the pillows and junk up off the floor. Kids and teens were screaming outside the room near the elevators which I know prevented Jackson from falling into a deep sleep. The overhead light in the bedroom was on some kind of weird light switch where it would not totally turn off. I could continue to complain, but it is unnecessary. At least we got some wonderful time on the beach before it is ruined by the oil spill. We had some excellent fish. Jackson loved playing in the pool with his daddy. We might wait a few years to do it again though. Now I need to just finish unpacking and washing all the dirty clothes.