Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my sweet baby's second birthday.  It sure is scary how quickly time flies.  It's hard to remember his sweet little face when he was 6 months, 1 year---even 18 months.  Its a good thing I took alot of pictures.  Just a few months ago his manerisms and language were so very different--so babyish and now he is talking in sentences and knows the name of everything.  The old adage--"They're only little for a little while" certainly rings true today.  Jackson is truly precious--an animated, sweet faced, spitfire of little guy. The theme of his little party was Buz Lightyear--his favorite.  He has been talking about his "Buzz cake" for a week.  He was a little tired when we sang Happy Birthday with his cake--just woke up from a nap---had a little bit of a serious expression on his face.  Though he certainly didn't really understand what was going on today, he appreciated the cool toys that he scored, including a tricyle, Buzz mobile, cash register, grocery store scanner, some ABC games, books, bubbles, Woody car, and a Knights & Castle set.  Needless to say, he should be occupied for a while.  My little guy understands almost everything we say to him, so we have to be a little careful now.  The other day, we were talking about a stinky diaper and he said, "Mamma stinks!".  His vocabulary has expanded exponentially all of a sudden.  He loves to "fly" Buzz and animals around the house with daddy and likes to pretend play with his figurines and animals.  He is a singer, dancer and preacher all in one.  He can unlock the front door and walk right out.  He is starting to act cute to amuse Hank--priceless entertainment.  Hank wants to be right in the middle of everything Jackson does--thinks he's the most amazing person alive.  He's a smart child and seems to remember everything we tell and show him.  He found a pair of shoes and brought them to me the other day when I threatened to go to the store without him.  He can ace some pretty hard puzzles and knows how to take pictures with MawMaw's camera.  And something nobody thought we would EVER be able to say---he is a good sleeper.  My baby is not a baby anymore I don't guess.  He's a real toddler.  He likes to rough and tumble, tickle and play airplane with mommy.  He wants to wrestle and play tag and chase with daddy.  He's all boy.  My goodness, he wears me out.  So I guess this is the last time I get to say Happy Birthday Baby!  Next year he will be a big kid forever.