Jack Attack

Today was Jackson's day to meet his teacher at his mother's day out program that he will be attending a few days a week.  We talked about his school and his teacher and all of the fun things he would get to do with his friends there.  He wasn't shy and seemed to enjoy himself, so I am optomistic that things are going to go well when I drop him off for the first time next week.  I'm a little nervous that he is going to think that I am leaving him and never coming back.  I'm prepping him for it so keep your fingers crossed.

This little booger has also figured out how to jump the crib.  I guess we will be moving him to a toddler bed in the near future, but I am a little hesitant to make that leap just yet because I am afraid that he will take it as an invitation to get in and out of his bed as he pleases.  I haven't quite thought out my game plan on how to convey to him that staying in his bed is not a choice.  I can't find a manual on how to operate Jackson Eversole anywhere, so I will just have to improvise I guess.  He scared Mia half to death today when he swung his leg over the edge of the crib and made his way to his door to sneak a quick exit.  She looked at the monitor and saw him in the bed and then looked back at it a few seconds later only to see his stuffed animal sitting up dummy style in his place.  Hilarious. 

 Eversole001KW Eversole013KW

Pic Roll

Ok.  Here are numerous pictures that I have failed to post or comment on over the past month.  I guess I've just been a little busy.  I dont' know what I'm going to do when Hank starts crawling.  I seriously don't know how on earth I am going to keep up with both of these babies and still accomplish basic tasks of every day life.  All of these are Hank.  He is in a phase where he wants to be held 24/7.  The problem with that is his weight.  He is almost 18 pounds and thats alot of dead weight to walk around with.  I hold him nearly as much as he wants though because I know this sweet age will end soon and I will long for these days again.  Hank is still sleeping really well, much to my amazement.  I remember rocking Jackson in the chair for hours trying to get him to sleep in his bed.  Not this baby.  He likes his bed and wants to be left alone to sleep. This little guy will twist and turn and pitch a fit until I put him down and stick a paci in his mouth.  Awesome.

Look Who's Laughing Now

Hank is the giggly and smiliest baby.  At 6 months old, he is really starting to enjoy baths and playing.  It is just adorable to watch.  He already has two bottom teeth and is about to sprout two more up top.  He is eating pureed pears, apples and sweet potatoes and will open his mouth and laugh in anticipation.  His eyes just light up when he sees something he likes and he is so sweet and easy going. 

Here are some cute pics of my little booger.