Baby its Cold Outside!

On days when it's bearable, we take Jackson outside to play for an hour or so, but when it's 30 degrees and windy, I just can't do it. Since playing inside has been his only option on several days lately, he likes to look at books, throw blocks and tupperware all over the house, drag his blanket around and run screaming from daddy.  He loves us to chase him around, which is exhausting and usually results in him getting hurt.  He goes to story time at the Mt Laurel library every other week, which he loves and plays at Treetop with Mimi.  His cousin Riley came to visit a few weeks ago which was a real treat. 

Bath time has become mayhem!

Getting Jackson undressed for a bath, hair washed, and redressed has become a true task.  It's like trapping a wild racoon or something.  I chase him all over the big bed in our master bedroom to get his clothes off.  Then, he likes to run around naked for a little while on the bed before he gets in the tub.  He broke the faucet off the whirlpool tub by pulling at it and loosened the water taps.  Jackson throws any toys I give him overboard and soaks the floor and my hair!  Then, trying to get a diaper on him when he is dried off is nearly impossible.  He HATES getting dressed.  I am totally pooped by the time its over with.