2 Stinkin Toddlers; 1 Big Mess

Some how it is already March and Hank is already one.  Some how Jackson is 2.5 years old, talking in sentences and manipulating everyone.  And some how Maw Maw is very sick in the hospital.  We are praying for her right now.  Only a miracle will turn things around.  Hank is crawling all over the house and is interested in any electronic item he can get his hands on.  He wants our cell phones, the remote control and wants to push buttons on the computer hard drive.  He is scooting from one piece of furniture to the next and thinks he can walk.  He bumps his head every single day and is usually sporting a major bruise on his face.  We have had 3 ear infections so far and face the possibility of tubes.  His milk and egg allergy keep us spending lots of money at Whole Foods, but the excema has all but gone away entirely, so it is worth it.  His snotty nose is a thing of the past as well.  We are not getting anymore vaccines right now as I have read that they can be a culprit to allergies in babies.  Hank can say "mommy", "dadda", "night night" and "no".  He is starting to copy additional words you say.  He understands quite a bit, including "where is Jackson" and "no" and "watch your fingers" (tends to slam fingers in drawers).  He is nursing only twice a day or so and has to drink Hemp and Soy milk which are not that great tasting.  He is such a smiley baby and sleeps well. 

Jackson is a big boy who goes to school and explains his wants and dislikes very well.  He is in charge of the household and lets us know exactly what he wants us to do to make him happy.  He can make up some crazy tall tales and told Mia that he broke his arm at the park and had to go see Dr. Whitaker.  He is smart cookie but does not like to perform much for mamma.  I have to sneak to get information out of him (like getting him to tell me colors of things).  He is very rough and tumble right now and does not want to do much coloring or art.  He is a cartoon buff and likes to read books with me at night.  Hates to wash his hair and get his diaper changed. We had made some progress on potty training but he seems to have lost interest.  We will work on it again over Spring Break.  With both of them moving all over the house and getting into literally every nook and cranny in the entire world, it is very difficult to keep things tidy and organized.  I sometimes wonder if I will ever get it together again. Of course that day will come and I will miss them being little and messy.  They are my sweet babies and part of me wants it to stay that way forever.