And the Beat Goes On

Lordy be. Lordy be.  Life is moving at quite a clip here in the Eversole household.  Jackson is now hovering at 21 months old and Hank is working toward 3 months.  I feel like I need to be taking more pictures and shooting more video.  Jackson is so cute and animated with everything he says.  He is naming every adult he knows before going to bed, to which I respond, "_____ is going night night at his/her house".  We go through that same dialogue every night.  I guess he's got to know what's going on while he's in the bed.  Through a spell of several weeks, he teased us into thinking he had increased his daytime nap periods to 1.5 hours or better, but now he's back to the usual 50 minute sprint.  He will go to the fridge and ask for milk, cheese, or juice and will take me to the pantry to ask for a cracker or cookie.  Oh, and he can name every single food he is interested in which includes the above in addition to cake, cottage cheese, beans, peas, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a few others.  He is still extremely picky and will spit out things he relished just a day ago.  Jackson's favorite word right now seems to be "no".  I've had to quit phrasing things as questions because he will shake his head and in no uncertain terms, exclaim "no" to things like, "Are you ready to go with mommy?" and "Are you ready to eat your lunch?".  He has tantruming down pat as well, throwing a good one at least 2 times per day.  I have devised a timeout location (the pack n play in the corner of the downstairs kitchen) in an attempt to detour hitting.  He's a pistol I tell you.  This little boy is smart and extremely active---and very opinionated.  And, he is absolutely the cutest thing you have ever seen.  He is saying "a hug" and wanting to be held by daddy, me and Mia.  He's a lover and fighter and he's mine. 

Hank is letting his little self be heard by all.  When he talks, his facial expressions look like he's belting his enthusiasm from the middle of his gut.  It's precious to watch and he just smiles the sweetest grins I have ever seen.  He has decided that he is not the biggest fan of riding in the car--but dont get me wrong--it's not like he wails like Jackson did.  He's got to be 15 pounds and feels every bit of it.  Though he is the happiest baby alive, he can get quite mad for a few minutes when he is tired.  He will scream like he's being stabbed or something for just a few minutes and then will just drop into a deep sleep.  I wish I could do that.  Overall, he sleeps well, and only wakes up twice at night to eat.  He has such a relaxed attitude and seems to be so light hearted.  We are having a playset put in the backyard so that I can hold Hank while Jackson plays outside.  I really have to keep things moving with these two boys!