He looks like Who?


I think he looks like Jackson, but i do see some differences.  I also think he looks like my dad, but I thought Jackson did too.

Before the Baby

In the last few days before Hank was born, my goal was to "get as much done as possible" and to do some things with Jackson that we would not be able to do for a little while.  After all, this would be his last chance to be an only child.  Well I still haven't finished the Roman shades in the master bedroom--yes I'm going to do it very soon, but we did take Jackson to the zoo.  He was scared of the carousel, so mommy rode it with him.  He got some extra daddy time too.  Plus, Libby Kate came to play.

Pox Drama

Here is a pic of Jackson with the pox. He was lucky in that he did not run a fever and the rash was very mild and was not itchy.  He could have been vaccinated a few months ago but we did not get the shot yet because he was sick during a few of his other scheduled vaccines, which I delayed since you are not suppossed to give vaccines when the immune system is down.

Baby Hank is Here!

To say that the past several weeks have been chaos is far too vague and understated.  Hank was born on March 1, 2011 at 11:24 pm.  After a miserable and quite precipitous labor, our little guy arrived weighing 8lbs 2oz, 21 inches long. Henry Lee Eversole is what we decided, and of course Steven has nicknamed him Hank.  We only know of old dead men named Hank and think that it's cute for a little boy and a strong name for a man.  It also sounds kind of southern or something and probably country too--whatever.  We like it and he is incredibly sweet.  I thought we would be staying in the hospital for 24 hours but unfortunately for me, my babies like to visit the NICU for a little while.  Hank stayed in the NICU for nearly 3 days due to irregular breathing.  Jackson had the same exact issue but also had some trouble regulating his own temperature.  Hank was also put on intravenous antibiotics due to a suspcision that he may have an infection---just like Jackson was--and was put on a glucose drop, which delayed breastfeeding--just like Jackson---and was put on a warming table--just like Jackson--and was in the exact same spot in the NICU as Jackson.  The stay in the hospital was a misery because I wanted to be home with both of my babies.  Thank God Mia was with Jackson the entire time because I was immensly worried about him missing mommy and becoming worked up due to too much change.  He kept her awake one night--like for several hours in the middle of the night--but other than that, he was fine. 

Right after we got home from the hospital, Jackson came down with the chicken pox.  We had to keep the babies separate at all times, which is quite a task.  Steven's mother came to help and of course Mia is here during the day---we are glad it is over. The chicken pox were mild and we are thinking that Hank will not be affected.  Hank sleeps well at night and hardly ever fusses.  He is not much of a daytime napper, but does not fuss or cry--just wants to be held.  I hope he does not develop colic or reflux or whatever else makes babies scream.  Jackson loves him and hugs on him alot.  When Hank cries, Jackson looks concerned and says "baby".  We have not had much trouble with jelousy thusfar, and I hope we are able to avoid it entirely. Nonethless, I am exhausted since he is nursing every 2-3 hours except for an occasional extension at night.  I look and feel totally ragged out.  Breastfeeding is sucking all of the moisture out of my hair and skin, but that should balance out.  I'm just glad that both of my babies are healthy and happy.  It's all I can really ask for.  God Bless