1 yr old pics

look at these darling pictures that Sheree Hood (Mia's daughter) took of Jackson shortly after his first birthday.  They are probably the best pics we have of him to date.  This was before I got his first haircut.  Now he looks like a third grader.


First Haircut

Last week Jackson got his first big boy haircut. His bangs were touching his eyelashes and his side burns were out of control. Plus, strangers think he is a girl even with blue clothes on, so it was time to get a haircut. He did really well and didn't fuss even once. He looks so much older now, but the look is growing on us.

The Great Houdini

Ok. So I fell off the map for the better part of three months and I won't do it again. To my credit, I think I have some pretty good excuses. Here I go.
1) I dropped the laptop on the hardwood floor and destroyed the hard drive. I had to sent the hard drive to a data recovery specialist half way across the U.S. because I had failed to back up the pictures of Jackson. Won't make that mistake again. It was an expensive one.

2) I found out I was pregnant with baby number two and felt like I was dying of a disease around the clock for 13 weeks straight.

3) We moved!!! I had to pack and prepare for it without much help from dadddy--all while feeling horrible.

I think it will take us a century to unpack everything. I don't care. I'll take some pics of the house ASAP. Also, I will post some pics of our whole family and the new pics that Mia's daughter, Sheree took of Jackson a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Jackson has learned to walk pretty well as of a few weeks ago. He does not want to be carried and is into everything. The level of destruction he can cause in the kitchen is truly unparalled. He empties every drawer and cabinet while I wash dishes and make his food. Loves it!!

Jackson's Birthday!!

Jackson's first birthday party was saturday August 21st, 2010 at Mt. Laurel pool. We had a crab theme and he loved swimming with papa Van. He got a cool push toy from mamma and dadda, a blue riding car from Mia and an Alabama chair from papa Van and mamma Catherine. He wasn't very interested in the cake. Several little children from the neighborhood came and brought presents. He was totally whipped by the end of it.

He would crawl like a 3 legged dog when he wanted to carry something with him. This is when we new it would be much more practical for him to walk.

Stand, Scoot, and Trash the House

Jackson was standing and scooting around furniture at this point (late July/early August) and getting into everything.

Libby Kate Comes to Visit

LK and her parents came to Birmingham in July to visit. We ate at Chuys and then went back to our house. LK could walk but Jackson could not. He crawled around and tried to chase her down.

Camera curious

Jackson went through a phase when he would grab at the camera every time I tried to take a picture. He would stay away from me long enough to let me get a few pics if I would let him do something unusual like run around naked or play with something he wasn't suppossed to have.

Libby Turned One

Libby Kate, Jackson's friend from Dothan (his mommy graduated from law school with Steven) had her birthday in early June. She had a bumble bee theme, which was darling and celebrated with her family and us at her grandparents lake house. Jackson mainly pulled on her hair and clothes, even making her cry once. It was impossible to get a pic of them playing together.