Ok, Here we go again.

Ok, Here we go again.  This is what I tell myself every morning at about 4:30 am when both babies wake up at the exact same time.  Yes, that's right, they wake up that early and both of them at the same time.  I don't think that one can hear the other, so they must just be telepathic.  I have tried everything you can think of to get them to wake up later than that--to no avail.  It's kind of a good thing since it gives me plenty of time with them before I have to leave to go to work.  Jackson wakes up and runs to the door screaming--which is very in line with his high maintenence, intense, ragin cajun personality.  Hank wakes up and just looks around and rolls around the crib.  He doesn't say a peep unless I leave him in there for over 30 minutes.  I have been trying not to go in their rooms until almost 5 hoping they will get the picture and go back to sleep.  I get Jackson first and change his diaper prior to leaving his room with him in tow since he won't allow me to change it once we reach the great wide open of the den.  Then we both go together to get Hank, who laughs and shutters with excitement when we bend over his crib to greet him.  With Jackson in Hank's crib, I change Hank's dipe on the changing table and put fresh clothes on him.  Then off to see what Jackson is dragging out of closets and drawers in the other rooms.

Once we get downstairs, its usually about 5:15 am.  We play on the floor, get Jackson a water cup, and put cream on Hank's feet (excema) before turning on cartoons.  I make Jackson breakfast while toting Hank around during the whole thing, try to drink a cup of coffee without burning the babies and do every possible to talk Jackson out of pitching a fit--which he has become very very good at.  Once the cartoons are in motion and both babies are fed (Hank nurses at about 6), I'm pooped and we go in to wake up daddy.  Ok, this is wearing me out just to even rehearse the events of each morning. 

Ok, here are some things that are going on.  Jackson can talk like an adult.  He can also be super sneaky.  He likes to act like he is accidently falling on someone when really he is trying to cause a problem.  He likes to play chase and will say, "Mommy, I see you!".  It's so cute.  He wants to be outside constantly.  He loves his school.  The teacher said he is very sweet with the other children but can be a little rough.  He can take his clothes off.  All of them.  At the most inopportune times.  He knows how to make the baby laugh--and cry---but mostly laugh.  He is precious, tenacious, and working me into an early grave.  Hank is a boo boo sugar booger.  He sleeps pretty well and wakes up twice a night to eat.  He can sit alone, is nosy and tries to get his little paws on every single thing that is not a toy.  He doesn't really like to be on his tummy so I dont know how he plans on crawling.  He wants me to carry him around alot and looks at me constantly when daddy has him.  I came in from work the other day and he was upset that I did not come right up to him immediately.  He eats once or twice a day and is picky, only eating pears, prunes, bananas and sweet potatoes.  He can get water out of a sippy cup, but it lands mostly on his shirt.  He has the worst excema in the world on his feet and it itches and the pediatrician hasn't solved the problem.  We will see a specialist in December.  Meanwhile I grease him up constantly and put steriod cream on him when needed.  He loves to take a bath with Jackson and is not scared of getting splashed in the face.  Hank is a happy baby and is easy going.  I could probably have 10 if all babies were all like him. 

Ok, it's late and I can never get anything done.  I guess it's true--the old addage--"There will be years for cleaning and cooking, but children grow up when you're not looking".   Well I'm looking alright.  I spend every second I have with them because I'm old enough to know they won't be babies for long.