Ok, Here we go again.

Ok, Here we go again.  This is what I tell myself every morning at about 4:30 am when both babies wake up at the exact same time.  Yes, that's right, they wake up that early and both of them at the same time.  I don't think that one can hear the other, so they must just be telepathic.  I have tried everything you can think of to get them to wake up later than that--to no avail.  It's kind of a good thing since it gives me plenty of time with them before I have to leave to go to work.  Jackson wakes up and runs to the door screaming--which is very in line with his high maintenence, intense, ragin cajun personality.  Hank wakes up and just looks around and rolls around the crib.  He doesn't say a peep unless I leave him in there for over 30 minutes.  I have been trying not to go in their rooms until almost 5 hoping they will get the picture and go back to sleep.  I get Jackson first and change his diaper prior to leaving his room with him in tow since he won't allow me to change it once we reach the great wide open of the den.  Then we both go together to get Hank, who laughs and shutters with excitement when we bend over his crib to greet him.  With Jackson in Hank's crib, I change Hank's dipe on the changing table and put fresh clothes on him.  Then off to see what Jackson is dragging out of closets and drawers in the other rooms.

Once we get downstairs, its usually about 5:15 am.  We play on the floor, get Jackson a water cup, and put cream on Hank's feet (excema) before turning on cartoons.  I make Jackson breakfast while toting Hank around during the whole thing, try to drink a cup of coffee without burning the babies and do every possible to talk Jackson out of pitching a fit--which he has become very very good at.  Once the cartoons are in motion and both babies are fed (Hank nurses at about 6), I'm pooped and we go in to wake up daddy.  Ok, this is wearing me out just to even rehearse the events of each morning. 

Ok, here are some things that are going on.  Jackson can talk like an adult.  He can also be super sneaky.  He likes to act like he is accidently falling on someone when really he is trying to cause a problem.  He likes to play chase and will say, "Mommy, I see you!".  It's so cute.  He wants to be outside constantly.  He loves his school.  The teacher said he is very sweet with the other children but can be a little rough.  He can take his clothes off.  All of them.  At the most inopportune times.  He knows how to make the baby laugh--and cry---but mostly laugh.  He is precious, tenacious, and working me into an early grave.  Hank is a boo boo sugar booger.  He sleeps pretty well and wakes up twice a night to eat.  He can sit alone, is nosy and tries to get his little paws on every single thing that is not a toy.  He doesn't really like to be on his tummy so I dont know how he plans on crawling.  He wants me to carry him around alot and looks at me constantly when daddy has him.  I came in from work the other day and he was upset that I did not come right up to him immediately.  He eats once or twice a day and is picky, only eating pears, prunes, bananas and sweet potatoes.  He can get water out of a sippy cup, but it lands mostly on his shirt.  He has the worst excema in the world on his feet and it itches and the pediatrician hasn't solved the problem.  We will see a specialist in December.  Meanwhile I grease him up constantly and put steriod cream on him when needed.  He loves to take a bath with Jackson and is not scared of getting splashed in the face.  Hank is a happy baby and is easy going.  I could probably have 10 if all babies were all like him. 

Ok, it's late and I can never get anything done.  I guess it's true--the old addage--"There will be years for cleaning and cooking, but children grow up when you're not looking".   Well I'm looking alright.  I spend every second I have with them because I'm old enough to know they won't be babies for long.


Jack Attack

Today was Jackson's day to meet his teacher at his mother's day out program that he will be attending a few days a week.  We talked about his school and his teacher and all of the fun things he would get to do with his friends there.  He wasn't shy and seemed to enjoy himself, so I am optomistic that things are going to go well when I drop him off for the first time next week.  I'm a little nervous that he is going to think that I am leaving him and never coming back.  I'm prepping him for it so keep your fingers crossed.

This little booger has also figured out how to jump the crib.  I guess we will be moving him to a toddler bed in the near future, but I am a little hesitant to make that leap just yet because I am afraid that he will take it as an invitation to get in and out of his bed as he pleases.  I haven't quite thought out my game plan on how to convey to him that staying in his bed is not a choice.  I can't find a manual on how to operate Jackson Eversole anywhere, so I will just have to improvise I guess.  He scared Mia half to death today when he swung his leg over the edge of the crib and made his way to his door to sneak a quick exit.  She looked at the monitor and saw him in the bed and then looked back at it a few seconds later only to see his stuffed animal sitting up dummy style in his place.  Hilarious. 

 Eversole001KW Eversole013KW

Pic Roll

Ok.  Here are numerous pictures that I have failed to post or comment on over the past month.  I guess I've just been a little busy.  I dont' know what I'm going to do when Hank starts crawling.  I seriously don't know how on earth I am going to keep up with both of these babies and still accomplish basic tasks of every day life.  All of these are Hank.  He is in a phase where he wants to be held 24/7.  The problem with that is his weight.  He is almost 18 pounds and thats alot of dead weight to walk around with.  I hold him nearly as much as he wants though because I know this sweet age will end soon and I will long for these days again.  Hank is still sleeping really well, much to my amazement.  I remember rocking Jackson in the chair for hours trying to get him to sleep in his bed.  Not this baby.  He likes his bed and wants to be left alone to sleep. This little guy will twist and turn and pitch a fit until I put him down and stick a paci in his mouth.  Awesome.

Look Who's Laughing Now

Hank is the giggly and smiliest baby.  At 6 months old, he is really starting to enjoy baths and playing.  It is just adorable to watch.  He already has two bottom teeth and is about to sprout two more up top.  He is eating pureed pears, apples and sweet potatoes and will open his mouth and laugh in anticipation.  His eyes just light up when he sees something he likes and he is so sweet and easy going. 

Here are some cute pics of my little booger. 


Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my sweet baby's second birthday.  It sure is scary how quickly time flies.  It's hard to remember his sweet little face when he was 6 months, 1 year---even 18 months.  Its a good thing I took alot of pictures.  Just a few months ago his manerisms and language were so very different--so babyish and now he is talking in sentences and knows the name of everything.  The old adage--"They're only little for a little while" certainly rings true today.  Jackson is truly precious--an animated, sweet faced, spitfire of little guy. The theme of his little party was Buz Lightyear--his favorite.  He has been talking about his "Buzz cake" for a week.  He was a little tired when we sang Happy Birthday with his cake--just woke up from a nap---had a little bit of a serious expression on his face.  Though he certainly didn't really understand what was going on today, he appreciated the cool toys that he scored, including a tricyle, Buzz mobile, cash register, grocery store scanner, some ABC games, books, bubbles, Woody car, and a Knights & Castle set.  Needless to say, he should be occupied for a while.  My little guy understands almost everything we say to him, so we have to be a little careful now.  The other day, we were talking about a stinky diaper and he said, "Mamma stinks!".  His vocabulary has expanded exponentially all of a sudden.  He loves to "fly" Buzz and animals around the house with daddy and likes to pretend play with his figurines and animals.  He is a singer, dancer and preacher all in one.  He can unlock the front door and walk right out.  He is starting to act cute to amuse Hank--priceless entertainment.  Hank wants to be right in the middle of everything Jackson does--thinks he's the most amazing person alive.  He's a smart child and seems to remember everything we tell and show him.  He found a pair of shoes and brought them to me the other day when I threatened to go to the store without him.  He can ace some pretty hard puzzles and knows how to take pictures with MawMaw's camera.  And something nobody thought we would EVER be able to say---he is a good sleeper.  My baby is not a baby anymore I don't guess.  He's a real toddler.  He likes to rough and tumble, tickle and play airplane with mommy.  He wants to wrestle and play tag and chase with daddy.  He's all boy.  My goodness, he wears me out.  So I guess this is the last time I get to say Happy Birthday Baby!  Next year he will be a big kid forever.


Baby Wranglin

Ok. So in the last month-since it has taken me a month to do another blog post, several interesting events have taken place--of course-.  About 1 month ago, Jackson decided to run a 105 temperature so we went to children's hospital in the middle of the night.  Since I did not have a store of milk kept and since Steven was terrified that Jackson was extremely ill.  We took both babies and hoped for the best.  The staff at Children's Hosptial downtown was not the least bit concerned about his high temperature.  We were shocked that they were ok with a 105.  Needless to say, we brought him home and fed him some tylenol and ibuprofen for a few days and he was fine.  Hank never caught the disease. 
Hank has figured out how to roll over with ease.  A photographer that Mia knows came to take pics of the boys a week ago. She has not posted all of the pics---just these two.  They are cut though.  Jackson did an amazing job.  I know she got some killer shots of him. I will post as soon as she releases them.  Hank is sleeping well at night but neither baby wants to nap during the day.  I have decided to put the skids on their efforts to overturn my power.  Jack has the option to nap in "daddy's bed" or his bed.  If he acts silly in daddy's bed, he must nap in his own bed. Today it worked.  I am holding out hope that it will last.  Hank on the other hand, is trying to overthrow me.  

My sweet Jackson is talking in 2-3 word sentences--pretty consistently.  He is so smart.  He can generalize things now--he knows that all men are "daddy's" and that all men wearing ties are going to work.  He is very aware of danger and knows "hot" and "fall" and "hurt" and "boo boo".   He knows that a "snack" can mean many different things and knows that we act like a "big boy" when we go to a resturaunt. 
And he knows to be "easy" with the baby, although he has a different approach in mind at times.  I wonder if Hank will out grow him and put him in his place!
Jackson is sweet with his baby brother and gives him hugs and kisses.  He makes Hank laugh!   He likes to push him in the stroller.  I love it.  Hank is such an easy going baby.


Baby Love

 Mia decided to dress Hank like he was going to a wedding.  Wouldn't he be a good ring bearer?  Both of my boys have infectious smiles!

 Jackson has been busy as a beaver.  He is so very active that I don't feel like I can keep him entertained and stimulated, so we have decided to send him to preschool 3 days a week from 9:30-1:30 to play with other kids his age. He will be in the young two year old class.  He really needs some wholesome two year old activities.  Mommy's coloring books and funsy stuff is just not cutting the mustard. 
 Doesn't understand why the baby can get on the table, but he can't. 
 Fell asleep on accident.  Trust me--it was not on purpose.  And it didn't last long.
 Loves all things daddy.  Puts on daddy's hat, daddy's shoes, etc.  Roll Tide.
 Ran around with the water hose and played in his blow up pool on father's day.  Daddy has a busted back and foot but still managed to play.  Daddy may need to stop the WWF restling with Jackson--or at least tone it down-- and stop throwing him over his head---Jackson's a little too heavy to be throwing him in the air and catching him. 

 This little guy decided to wake up multiple times a night.  And i thought he was my good sleeper.