Baby Love

 Mia decided to dress Hank like he was going to a wedding.  Wouldn't he be a good ring bearer?  Both of my boys have infectious smiles!

 Jackson has been busy as a beaver.  He is so very active that I don't feel like I can keep him entertained and stimulated, so we have decided to send him to preschool 3 days a week from 9:30-1:30 to play with other kids his age. He will be in the young two year old class.  He really needs some wholesome two year old activities.  Mommy's coloring books and funsy stuff is just not cutting the mustard. 
 Doesn't understand why the baby can get on the table, but he can't. 
 Fell asleep on accident.  Trust me--it was not on purpose.  And it didn't last long.
 Loves all things daddy.  Puts on daddy's hat, daddy's shoes, etc.  Roll Tide.
 Ran around with the water hose and played in his blow up pool on father's day.  Daddy has a busted back and foot but still managed to play.  Daddy may need to stop the WWF restling with Jackson--or at least tone it down-- and stop throwing him over his head---Jackson's a little too heavy to be throwing him in the air and catching him. 

 This little guy decided to wake up multiple times a night.  And i thought he was my good sleeper. 


No Naps for Babies

 Our babies have recently informed us that they do not need to nap AT ALL during the day.  Jackson wrote us a cease and desist letter recently telling me that it is useless to try to make him take a nap even though he is less than two years old.  He simply will  not do it so we are putting him to bed at 6:00.  I hope I will live to tell his girlfriends and wives about it. 
 Hank has joined team Jackson and has also decided that his days should require no naps at all either.  He will sleep for 20-30 minutes three times a day IF he is being held.  This is a complete 360 from what he was doing the first three months of his life.  We are at a loss for why he has turned on us.  We love him anyway and don't feel comfortable letting him cry in the crib.  Is anyone surprised?  Just look at that smile!
 Jackson is a very sweet brother and kisses Hank (and no one else) all day.  He immediately runs to comfort him when he starts to cry.  He also likes to mess with everything Hank has, including his paci, swing, socks, and chair.  Sometimes Hank gets annoyed.  Can you tell?
 Jackson is going to be a mountain climber.  This is not what we had pictured for him until recently.  He is on top of all of the furniture all day long.  He can also reach like 6 inches over a countertop that is twice his height.  Can you do that?  I think not.

The boys are taking baths together already. Yes, I am brave.  Jackson knows to be easy around the baby and helps me hold the baby bath still.  He helps me wash the baby and shows him all of the tub toys.  Adorable.  I feel like I have worked out for 30 minutes when it is all over.  Am I really that old?