Can't take heat? Get out of kitchen.

Now we are two months into school and well on our way to Thanksgiving. I'm afraid I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and they are going to be freshmen in college. Jackson is in the 4 year old class and Hank in the two year old class at Mother's Day Out. They just had their Halloween party at school and J was Batman while Hank was Superman for the trick or treating excursion. We went trick or treating with our awesome neighbors, Addie, Emily, Chase, and Ashlyn. 

 Jackson played tball over the summer which was a real challenge since Hank didn't understand why he wasn't playing. Hank wanted to chase balls, swing baseball bats and run onto the field. I was glad to see it end. We swam a lot as well. Jackson continues to rock along with swim lessons which we now take at a health club. He is getting really good and should be able to be on swim team next summer at our country club. Hank is being a good boy at school. I am so proud of him. And he loves going and playing with the kids, making sort, circle time, etc.  Of course both of them love to put on the ritz at home and challenge me to no end either their wild and defiant behavior. Time to use the Santa Claus threat!!  Ha ha. No. Ho ho.

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